My Weightloss Program will Teach you

Weight Loss Program

A step by step guide to be confident in your own skin x

  • My Weight Loss Guide Will Teach You
  • How to calculate the amount of calories YOU need to see results and to stay full of energy on the journey. You will be creating your own meal plan based on the information I have included and tracking on My Fitness Pal to ensure a deficit daily.
  • How to train specifically for your goals. I have included workouts that can be done from the gym or from home. These are weights based workouts so you will need some equipment. Nothing major a set of dumbbells will do just fine.
  • How to get into and more importantly STAY in the right mindset that is needed for long term results. This guide will help you to build confidence and become your absolute best self, in and out of the gym x

Weight Loss Program

Lose Weight With ROR

Drop body fat while building a stronger body and mind.

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