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O Rourke

What is TeamROR?
It’s a worldwide group of women
who want to be better, feel better and ultimately be the BEST version of themselves. My job is to instill confidence and to ensure all my clients walk away from their time being coached by me feeling STRONG, physically and mentally. Whether you have stretch marks, cellulite, acne, scars or something that you feel defines you and makes you insecure MAKE A CHANGE and work on your mindset because I promise you none of those things matter or change the person you are.

YOU ARE YOU and that is YOUR Superpower x



Abs program

Her soul is fierce
Her heart is brave
Her mind is strong

1:1 Coaching


Rebeccah I just want to say thank you so much for everything these past 12 weeks, You were nothing short of amazing. You made the plan so doable and exciting that i actually became obsessed with fitness and meal prep and all that goes with it. The continuous support was absolutely amazing and it made the process so easy. I've literally fallen in love with the gym.To say I'm happy is an understatement I feel like a new woman, not only physically but mentally.My energy is through the roof and because I push myself so hard in the gym my sleep has also improved.I've only lost 3kg but I feel like I've lost 10 I am DELIGHTED!


For me TEAMROR wasn't so much about weight loss but more about learning to be fit and healthy.You made me want to change my goals Rebeccah and Im really grateful for that. Im still learning to accept muscle gain and I'm still wiggin about my weight, but less. Im now trying to use my over controlling nature in a more positive way. Thank you for being a daily reminder to stay on this path and accept being a woman, a womanly woman.