A retreat is a fantastic way to simply switch off and put the focus back on You. Life can get extremely fast paced and we really do need to remember to do things we enjoy and things that ultimately make us Happy. For me that’s challenging myself and being in an environment that’s full of motivation and like minded people. I spent a month in Bali and a month in Thailand doing exactly that and I would highly recommend both training facilities. Never forget to make yourself a priority x

Wanderlust Bali

A Crossfit gym that is suited to all levels of fitness. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced athlete this gym will push you to your limits. I travelled to Bali on my own for a month specifically to train in this facility as I had heard such incredible feedback from friends who had previously gone. It didn't disappoint. Everything from the coaches, the competitive atmosphere and the over all team spirit in the gym I just loved every minute of my time here.
You can pay for a block or simply pay for a day pass if you are just passing through the area. 10/10 from me!

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Titan Fitness Thailand

I was lucky enough to be invited to Titan a few years ago and it was my first training retreat abroad. I did'nt know what to expect and to be honest I was quite nervous BUT what an amazing experience. The gym is on a street called the Soi and it is a fitness lovers DREAM.Multiple gyms, classes, healthy restaurants and the best part everything is in walking distance. Titan itself is based around classes, again to suit ALL fitness levels. These classes vary from strength workouts, boxing, yoga and many more. I tried them all and really got something from each one. They also have a gym which you can train in on your own time or if you just arent feeling in the mood for a class on any given day. Cardio equipment, a full variety of free weights and machines to suit people from all ages this place to me was heaven on earth.

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